Sunday 19 July 2015

Final week of preparations!

Yes yes yes.. I know... We havent been posting for a while!

But.. we're back to let you know that this time next week the Explorers from the Chandlers Ford District will be in Japan.

We have confirmation that we will be doing HoHo first, which is when we stay with a Japanese family for a few days. Then we'll take the bullet train down to the campsite in Yamaguchi City. After the jamboree we will be sight-seeing in Tokyo!

All three units have come a long long way from just being Unit 9, Unit 10 and Unit 11. The names are:

Unit 9 - Flappy Fish
Unit 10 - The Scouts of the Round Table
Unit 11 - The Tea and Biscuits

In Japan, we do have Wi-Fi out there but use will be very limited so because of that it may only be myself, James, who is updating the blog but I will try and get others to update it as well!

We'd like to thank everyone who has helped us along this long and exciting journey!

See you soon :)

Oh look it us from the very start >>>>

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Car Parking and Car Washing

Car Parking

Every year, the Explorer Commissioner gets asked by Lakeside Railway (Thomas the Tank Engine) if a few Explorers wouldn't mind car parking during the 3 busy event weekends. This is mainly open to explorers and they get paid to do it. Peter kindly opened it up to us WSJ lot as well so we could use the money made from car parking, to help fundraise.

So far some of us have car parked on 2 out of the 3 event weekends. The Railway Staff are very grateful for our efforts and the customers find it less stressful with us there to help find them a parking space.

We are unknown of the monies that we have been paid yet. We will know during the autumn term.

Car Washing at the Potters Heron

Every year the staff at the Potters Heron pub in Ampfield put on a complimentary car wash for those fathers who have booked the Father's Day Meal.

We had a load of bidding Scouts/Explorers joining up to help with this event; some were WSJ and some were not.

We got paid £5 per car and it was some time ago so I cannot remember the full total we made!

I would upload some photos but due to a technology failure, I am unable to get them off my phone at this moment in time; they will be up soon!

Takeda Donation

We contacted a number Japanese drug companies asking for donations.

We got a reply from a Japanese pharmaceutical company, Takeda, and they generously donated £200 to our fund!

Thank you for the generous donation Takeda!

Another Fundraising Update!

So we've been away online for a number of weeks due to our communications person having to study for GCSEs and not be able to keep the blog up to date. But don't worry, he's back!

Beaver and Cub Campfire 

We held a massive district campfire at our local campsite, Cranbury Park and invited Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers! We had a burgers/sausages being cooked on the altar fires, jelly bean neckers being sold, glowsticks being sold, and then the delights of James, George and Cecily leading the singing at the campfire. It's safe to say, James and George got the so called 'party started' with the popular song of "Every Where We Go!"

Approximately £900 was made that evening!

Fryern Fantasia

We had a stall at the Fryern Fantasia where we had a coconut shy, neckers and a few other bits and bobs! The Mayor had a go on the coconut shy.

Approximately £150 was made!

May Car Wash

So most months we do a car wash down at Hiltingbury Rec Car Park. May's Car Wash raised £161.60! 

4th Scout Group AGM

A few of us went down to help with giving out and supplying refreshments at the 4th Scout Group AGM. Those who bought teas, coffees and cakes from us in exchange for a donation.

£53.60 was made!

Waitrose Tokens

Every month, Waitrose pick 3 charities to take part in the green token scheme. We were chosen to do this and thankfully got £173.10 from it.

June Car Wash

It's that time again and we did another car wash! It was a bit quiet this time but we managed to raise £61.

So there we have it, more fundraising that has gone on within the Chandlers Ford District. We also have a group quiz night coming up in September, followed by a concert in October, closely followed by a Casino Night and finally to top the 2014 off we have our Christmas Bazaar!

Sunday 4 May 2014

April Fundraising

First of all we'll like to apologise for the lack of blogging recently. Our communications expert has been revising for GCSEs and has had other Scouting committments.

During the month of April we took part in many fundraising events from bag packing to a massive district campfire.

Bag Packing

We have done various bag packing events with cake sales along side them.

Some of us went down to hobbycraft to bag pack, sell cakes and paracord.

We also went down to B&Q, Tesco and Sainsburys to do mass bag packing.

Here are the totals we raised:

B&Q: £105.41

Hobbycraft: £139.64

Tesco: £234.52

Sainsburys: £393.50

Car Washing 

Over the past few months car washing has seemed a rather popular thing to raise money for Japan. It's quick, requires minimal organisation and we get a massive response from the community.

Every other month/every month we run a car wash down at the Hiltingbury Rec Car Park on a Saturday morning.

During April we made £160.00 from car washing!

We charge £5 a car and that includes a free hot drink - bare that in mind for next time when you are passing!

District Campfire

On Friday 2nd May we hosted a massive district campfire for the Chandlers Ford District. It was mainly for Beavers and Cubs but we spotted a few explorers hiding in the audience!

We sold paracord bracelets, jelly bean neckers with smiley face woggles, glow sticks, hot dogs and hot drinks. It was a £1 per person to get in and we had a massive response.

Everyone enjoy the evening and a few of us woke everyone up by singing the popular campfire song 'Everywhere We Go'.

Thank you to those who came to the campfire! We hope to do another one in September!

PS - We are waiting for some pictures from the campfire to be sent to us!

St. George's Day Parade

Due to the weather we couldn't sell any cakes at St. Georges Day Parade but instead we gave out leaflets with information on our future events. Publicity is growing!


We now have a box at Waitrose in Chandlers Ford to enable those that shop there to donate their green token into our box. Visit for more details.

Monday 10 March 2014

B&Q collection and Jelly Bean Necker Sales

Well the weekend just gone, 8th - 9th March, was a busy one because we had people fundraising in 2 places, from collections in B&Q in Eastleigh to selling neckers at a campsite in Lyndhurst.

A number of scouts went down to B&Q in Eastleigh to help do some bag packing and walk around with collection buckets explaining the worthy cause that customers were donating to. £105.41 was made during this event so well done to those who were collecting that day!

One of the explorers, James, went camping for the weekend with a local scout troop - the one that he volunteers at as a young leader. He took along some jelly bean neckers to the campsite hoping to sell them to scouts and guides (because they were camping at Foxlease, guides swarmed the place)! The neckers were a great hit with the scouts and he sold out within a matter of minutes! £27 was raised so well done James!

Beaver Cinema Night - 7th March

As part of support from local scout groups, a beaver colony from the 4th Chandlers Ford had a cinema night to raise funds for Japan! 

Ben and Victoria were the Jamboree representatives that night.

£98.85 was raised and thank you to those who kindly donated during this event! 

The picture below is of Ben and Victoria presenting a PowerPoint about the Jamboree and the cinema night.